How Does Your Garden Grow?

 I was out doing a bit of gardening this

 morning and as I have done countless times
 before I  read all my little garden stones as
 I worked. One in particular really stood out
 to me, probably because I never really was
 quite certain what the author meant by it.
 Simply stated it reads: “A Garden Is Evidence of Faith”. Previously my responding thought has been, “How in the world does my planting a garden prove that I have faith?” Today I understood.
We plant our gardens and diligently work in them…trusting that we will get the desired results in the end.
And like our gardens, we plant seeds in this life; seeds of love, and of kindness; seeds of faith, forgiveness and mercy. But these seeds are not planted in the ground outside…they are planted within the hearts of people. Throughout their lifetime these seeds are watered, fertilized and well looked after with prayer, teaching, scripture, writings, and even the lives of others, people we have as examples of how we should grow; and in the end…we trust that Father will bring about the desired results.
Every time you come in contact with others you are planting seeds. With every good deed, act of kindness or prayerful support, seeds are being watered and fertilized; and the seeds will surely flourish and grow. We plant and Father gives Life; we trust and Father causes the hearts of his garden to grow.
Is there a particular garden you have been concerned about? Trust Father to bring about the desired results, and remember… He is Faithful!
Anyways, I was just thinking…

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