Welcome To the Church of the Redeemer

Have you ever had days where you feel clumsy in your efforts and it seems like you are stumbling along on this journey towards knowing God better, more intimately?  Does life feel like three steps forward . . . two steps back?  If we are honest, everyone has felt that way one time or another.

This website isn’t about a people who have it all figured out. Rather, it is about a people – flawed as we are – who have been called on a journey . . . a journey of faith that will cause us to experience God like we never have before.

Our hope is that, as you wander through these pages, you will begin to feel a connection . . . a connection with God . . . a connection with His people.  We pray you find your relationship with God growing stronger and deeper and wider than any circumstance you experience in this life.

Through the writings and scriptures shared, we are inviting you to come alongside to . . . Share the Journey.



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Church of the Redeemer -Selma, CA